Aputure Light Dome II Parabolic Softbox Bowens Mount


Aputure Light Dome II Parabolic Softbox Bowens Mount.

A great advantage of Modern Point source LED Monlights is that they can accept a range of modifiers to create different lighting effects. The most common of these is a Softbox that allows a large flat soft light for use in portraits or interview style lighting giving a great outcome on people and faces.  Additionally these can be used to light a small group and or a small to medium room with a softening of shadows created by the large surface area. Traditionally used in portraiture a round softbox gives a desired catch light in your subjects eyes.

The Light Dome II is a rounded 16-sided modifier using the popular Bowens accessory mount. The structure of the Light Dome II is created by its 16 steel support rods, while its silver interior maximises the light source’s output. Included is a removable inner diffuser rated at 1.5-stop and 2.5-stop front diffusers that you can use individually or together to tailor the soft effect you are after. A gel filter holder is also supplied.