Dynacore BMPCC External Power Kit with Tiny 65S Battery Mount and Cable connection


All you need to add external power to you Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k/6K

What a great deal.  We have made up this kit at a super low price to get you going towards shooting continuously with your new BMPCC.  Not only is the battery and mount TINY, but so is the price.

Included Dyancore Tiny 65wh battery, Dynacore Cage mount for battery with two x DTap out and BMPCC power cord.

Pocketable 65wh V-Lock is perfect for powering your Camera cage or rig.It is also the most economical option in Australia today.

Introducing Dynacore TINY series of V-Lock batteries, so small they fit in your pocket.

Tiny batteries are designed for applications where a compact size is important for power, such as BMPCC or DSLR, handheld stabilisers, focus puller monitor, portable LED panel etc.
These batteries also include the convenience of both D-Tap & USB outputs to power your camera and accessories.