Godox SL150II LED Monolight Daylight 150W


Godox SL150II LED Monolight Daylight 150W

The SL150II Continuous LED light is a 5600K daylight balanced Point source LED light.   The advantage pf a point source light is that it can be shaped for use for many situations.  This fixture is great for Photograph,  cinematography, online Video production, and broadcast.

Godox offer great colour accuracy with a CRI/TLCI rating of 96/97 producing highly accurate colour renditions  delivering pristine and natural results straight out of the camera and minimising colour correction in post production.

Output is an impressive  58000 Lux at 1 meter using the supplied reflector. Dimming control from 0-100% for fine tuning the output level.

The SL series by Godox incorporate super a quiet fan to maintain cool running and maximum output efficiency. This super quiet system will not impact on any sound recording capture during your shoot.

The SL series uses a 2.4G wireless X system allowing you to adjust the brightness via group and channel control with selectable 32 channels and 16 groups on hand for independent control of your lighting setup.

The SL series will rotate in its Yolk around 360 degrees allowing you to pint the head very precisely  via a standard spigot connection allowing it to mounted on a stand or hung from a ceiling bar.  A Bowens mount attaches a huge range of light hoping accessories from aluminium reflectors to soft boxes and fresnel.

8 inbuilt preset modes

  • Flash 1
  • Flash 2
  • Flash 3
  • Storm 1
  • Storm 2
  • Storm 3
  • Tv
  • Broken Bulb