Jinbei EFII-200 LED Monolight Daylight 200W


The Jinbei EFII-200 is a single point light source, ideal for both video and still photography shooters. Photographers will be instantly familiar with the shape of the EFII-200, as it carries the form of a traditional monobloc studio flash. The light modifier mounting system will be just as familiar, as the EFII-200 uses the very common and dependable Bowens Mount.

This is the third generation of the EF-200 model, following Jinbei’s innovative tradition in being the first to release a monoblock style format LED. The Bowens Mount opens up literally thousands of options for shaping the light that the EFII-200 produces. Aside from genuine Bowens modifiers, many 3rd party light shaping products use this mount, as do Jinbei themselves with their amazing quick fold soft boxes. This means you can mount everything from beauty dishes, to soft boxes, softballs, reflectors and much more.