Jinbei KE-100 Parabolic Softbox Quick-Fold 100cm Bowens Mount with grid


The Jinbei 100cm KE Series quick fold soft box is a medium-sized octagonal modifier, which is ideally used for beauty, fashion and portrait photography. The 100cm size offers a good compromise between physical size and the diffusion area. The octagonal shape provides beautiful soft light over your subject and nice round catch lights in the eyes of your model. Shadows can be almost entirely eliminated giving you a number of options when shaping your light.

The Jinbei KE series is made with high quality reflective and diffusion materials. The interior is made of prograde omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with durable black backing. The KE Series soft box range also features an interior baffle to provide even softer light when required. The Jinbei KE Series Quick 100cm octagonal softbox is easy to set up thanks to the innovative design, which integrates the supporting rods into the body of the mounting ring, allowing you to set up your modifier in literally seconds. This great design means taking your normally difficult and slow-to-set-up modifiers into locations or jobs where it would not have been viable in the past. With the KE soft boxes you can get in, set up and get the shot.