Ledgo AltaTube 80C RGB 2ft


The professionals’ tube light. Modern tube lights have been a revelation, with their form factor allowing them to be used in many difficult lighting situations. AltaTubes now give you all the advantages of a standard lightweight tube but with room filling power. These tubes rival the output of many studio panels, opening up many new opportunities. Just like their smaller siblings, the Pavotubes, the Alta handles a wide range of temperature control, from 2700K to 7500K. RGB, plus a wide range of special effects, these tubes offer diffused light for a variety of uses. Of course, they have a very high TLCI rating of 95+ and an Ra of 98+.

At only 64mm wide they can fit in very tight installations offering huge output and wide range of output options, including wireless controllability via the Ledgo LA30 controller.

Starting with the 80C (2 foot), then the AltaTube 120C (4 foot) and finally the 180C (6 foot), Alta is redefining possibilities.

Excellent colour fidelity with CRI 98+ and TLCI 95+
Seven Lighting Effects Available: Storm, Cop Car, Candle Light, Hard Disco, Soft Disco, Monitor, Multi Flash
Power: 80W

Brightness Control: WiFi, 2.4G, DMX and Dimmer
Colour Temperature: 2700K – 7500K
CRI (Ra): >98
Dimensions: 63.58 x 881mm
Illumination: (LUX) 2700K: 985lux/92fc@1M/3.3′ | 134lux/12@3M/9.9′ | 7500K: 1145lux/106fc@1M/3.3′ | 116lux/11fc@3M/9.9′
Light Type: Studio
Modular: N
Weight: Approx. 1.55kg