Lightstar HMI Ballast 400/800W


Lightstar HMI Ballast 400/800W.

400W/800W Electronic Ballast
Lightstart HMI ballast 400/800 is an energy-saving and hi-efficiency electronic ballast which works with professional bulb suppliers as OSRAM PHILIPS GE and KOTO improved bulb working life more than 20% efficiency of output light is much higher than traditional ballast.


Lightstar electronic ballast advantages:
①Flicker free shooting of high speed camera up to 10000fps
②Stability color temperature
③Light Output fluctuation is less than 3%
④Adjustable output power from 50% to 100%
⑤Compared with traditional ballast illumination intensity of electronic ballast at least increased more than 5%
⑥Bulb working life at least increased more than 20%
⑦Stability output power
⑧Compared with traditional ballast this unit is much smaller and lighter