Nanlite BH-FZ60V Battery handle V-Mount


Achieve long runtimes by powering the Forza 60 with a V-mount battery.

The Nanlite BH-FZ60V allows you to run a Forza 60 or Forza 60B from a V-Mount battery. The BH-FZ60V battery handle includes a 5.5mm DC-out cable to connect to the DC-in port on the Nanlite Forza 60 or Forza 60B, and a V-Mount buckle to mount the battery.

The Nanlite BH-FZ60V V-mount battery adaptor can be mounted on a light stand, and also includes a handle to enable the Forza 60 to be operated hand-held, ideal for run and gun filmmaking.

The Nanlite Forza 60 V-Mount battery handle is only compatible with 14.8V V-Mount batteries.

Forza 60 runtime from a 100Wh V-Mount battery is approximately 100 minutes.