Rode NT1 Kit Professional Studio Condenser Microphone Kit


The RODE NT1 Kit brings you a professional studio microphone bundle. Featuring the famous RODE NT1 Condenser Microphone as well as the RODE SM6 shock mount, high-quality pop filter, and XLR cable. With the Rode NT1 Kit, you’re equipped to capture pristine, low-noise vocals and instruments wherever you go!

Combining innovation and tradition, the NT1 is a professional-grade studio condenser microphone. Starting with the completely new HF6 capsule, it’s the perfect fusion of artistic design and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Offering a present, full-bodied sound to take your vocals and acoustics to the forefront of your mix. A signature reminiscent of the famous microphones of old, while exhibiting extremely low noise. With a mere 4.5dBA of self-noise, the NT1 is largely regarded as one of the quietest microphones in its class. Therefore, perfect for recording vocals, as well as guitars and percussion instruments.

Silky smooth high frequencies coupled with a detailed mid-range response, and warm, round, bass reproduction. While the Rycote Lyre capsule suspension technology isolates the NT1 from even the natural harmonic resonance of its body.

On top of that, the NT1 Kit comes complete with the Rode SM6. A professional shock-mount and pop filter that provides accurate isolation from external sources. So you’ll never hear those unwanted rumbles and vibrations come through the microphone. The SM6 pop shield is removable and features two axes of adjustments as well as a telescopic arm for ultimate versatility.

Above all, the RODE NT1 Kit is perfect if you’re just starting with recording. Enjoy professional-quality audio with the RODE NT1 studio condenser microphone and revolutionary SRM Shock Mount.