Tilta Rear Operating Handle for RS3 Mini


The Rear Operating Handle for RS3 Mini is the perfect way to expand the functionality of the RS3 Mini without sacrificing the small form factor. 
This Rear Handle features the same mechanical design of our previous models, but now with even more emphasis on staying versatile and lightweight, weighing in at only 206 grams.
Similar to our other Rear Handles, this accessory provides a convenient way to capture low angle shots with greater flexibility and comfort than traditional setups would allow.
The custom RS3 Mini NATO Mount makes this handle incredibly secure and quick to install while the safety pin provides improved security and minimizes risk of the system becoming unintentionally disconnected.
The 360° Rotatable Handle makes the system easy to swivel and lock into a variety of positions, allowing users to find a configuration that is most comfortable for them and gives them the ability to switch positions quickly when needed.
The top of the handle features a Cold Shoe Receiver which is the perfect mounting point for an external monitor while the bracket itself features 1/4″-20 threads and an additional Cold Shoe Receiver.
This makes the Rear Operating Handle a valuable addition to any filmmakers arsenal who is looking for increased flexibility when shooting low angles, while maintaining the lightweight workflow of the RS3 Mini!