Tilta Shock Absorbing Camera Cage Kit for DJI Osmo Action 2 – DJI Gray


This Shock Absorbing Camera Cage Kit is a complete solution for expanding the functionality and increasing the stability of your DJI Osmo Action 2 Dual Screen Combo.
The Dual Camera Cage provides protective armor for the DJI Osmo Action 2 Dual Screen Combo and allows you more flexibility when mounting accessories or rigging the camera to various support systems.
This cage provides multiple ¼”-20 thread allowing you to rig your camera via mini tripod heads, noga arms, or other DJI specific support systems.
The cage features an external shutter button and is designed to not interfere with any of the wifi capabilities of the camera.
The included multi functional baseplate can be mounted onto either the bottom or side of the cage which offers maximum positioning flexibility when mounted onto DJI support systems.
This new power input is also water resistant which means powering the camera externally does not limit the conditions in which you can shoot in.
This cage features a new snap on lock design that allows you to quickly attach the top plate from the single camera cage (not included) or the expanded top plate that accommodates the dual-screen combo.
The Shock Absorbing Frame functions as a secondary cage for the Dual Screen Camera Cage for Osmo Action 2 and features additional mounting points as well as provides additional stability.
The shock absorbing springs located in the four corners of the cage help reduce micro jitters in your footage caused by vibrations associated with high speed or rough terrain.
Additional mounting points also means that you have more flexibility when mounting accessories such as lights or noga arms.
These same mounting points also allow you to secure your system via multiple points of contact when rigging for increased stability and security.
**NOTE: The Dual Cage does NOT include the same USB-C Functionality as the Single Camera Cage**