Yidoblo AI-2000C LED Panel RGBW 200W


RGB for the price of a standard bi-colour panel.

RGB for the price of a standard bi colour panel. This Yidoblo 2000C is a great choice if you need a powerful soft bi colour panel with the added advantage of RGBW technology. At 200 watt, this large fixture is a great option for a key light for your studio needs. It features simple control systems, with preset colour temperatures to quickly access popular standard light outputs. Control can be via DMX and or the Yidoblo app, giving you wireless control if needed. The chassis offers a robust metal construction that ensures longevity. Runs on mains power or 2 x V-mount batteries for remote use on location. The panel offers a wide range of special effects using it’s array of RGBW LEDs which also offer a range between 2800K and 10,000K. Features built in power supply.