AP Darkroom Kit – for film and printing



  • 1x Developing Tank
  • 2x Multiformat self-feed spirals
  • 1x Graduated cylinder 50cc
  • 1x Graduated cylinder 650cc
  • 3 Developing trays 8×10″
  • 1x Film squeegee tong
  • 3x print tongs
  • 1x Set film clips (one weighted)
  • 1x Stirring paddle
  • 1x Straight glass thermometer
  • 1x Instruction manual


This Darkroom Labokit from AP contains all of the essential equipment needed to process film and develop prints in the darkroom. For film, a Classic Developing Tank is included along with two Multi-Format Classic Self-Feed Reels for processing up to two rolls of 35mm at a time, or a single roll of 120/220, 127, or 126 format film. For mixing chemistry, 50ml and 650ml graduated cylinders are included, along with a stirring paddle and a straight glass thermometer for monitoring temperatures. Also included in the kit is a film squeegee, a set of film clips with one weighted clip, three developing trays for 8 x 10″ prints, and three sets of print tongs for safe handling of prints. Additionally, an instructional manual is provided to help you get up and running with film processing and printing.

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