Aputure D-Tap to 5.5mm DC Barrel Power Cable


The D-Tap to 5.5mm DC Barrel Power Cable allows users to operate and power lights such as the amaran COB 60d and amaran COB 60x using cinema batteries with 12V D-Tap Outputs.

Portable operation. The Power Cable is ideal for any photographers, content creators, and filmmakers who want to pair the amaran COB 60 series’ compact and lightweight D-Tap cinema batteries for portable operation or high-capacity cinema batteries for extended runtime.

– Compatible with Cinema Batteries with 12V D-Tap Power Outputs
– Compatible with the amaran COB 60d & amaran COB 60x Lights
– Compatible with the amaran T2c and amaran T4c tube lights*
– Expanding Coiled Design
– 70cm (27.56in) Max Length

* Only the D-Tap 5.5mm DC Power Cable (Non-Locking Connector) is compatible with the amaran T2c and T4c tube lights.