Aputure Power Station V-Lock 2-Bay


The Aputure 2-Bay Battery Power Station is a battery inverter that uses two industry-standard 14.4V/14.8V Gold or V Mount batteries and outputs a 48V DC current via 3-pin XLR. With this power station, users can bring the flexibility of battery power to any 48V lighting fixture, such as the Nova P300c or Amaran 100 & 200 series of LED lights.


With the capability of outputting 48V DC power at up to 10 Amps (480W), the 2-Bay Battery Power Station can easily power a Nova P300c (360W), Amaran 200 Series Light (250W), or any other more power-hungry 48V fixture, provided the batteries in use can sustain the discharge rate.

Made to be incredibly fast and easy to use, the 2-Bay Battery Power Station weighs in at under 3lbs, comes with a convenient carrying strap, as well as Aputure’s Lightning Clamp Quick Release Plate, allowing it to mount mounted into any Lightning Clamp or on the back of a Nova P300c, for flexibility and fast-paced shooting.

– Key Features:
• Directly delivers up to 480W power output (48V 10A)
• 2x V- Mount ports and only supports 14.4V or 14.8V batteries
• Stand design with portable handle, easy carrying and placing
• With Aputure Lightning Clamp interface on body, it can be easily fixed and released in the appropriate position with Aputure Lightning Clamp

NOTE: This 2 bay V Lock power staion can also be used to provide V Lock Power to the Amaran 100 and 200 LED Lights. V Lock batteries are not included with this acc but are sold seperatelly.

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