Avenger A1035CS Stand Light Combo 35CS Levelng 168-350cm 40kg payload Chrome option wheels A900NB


The Avenger A1035CS Chrome Steel Combo Light Stand with Levelling Leg is a heavy duty stand capable of holding a 40 kg/88.2 lb load at a height of 350 cm/138 in.
This chrome steel combo light stand has a combo style or universal type top which incorporates a 28 mm/1 1/8 in Junior Receiver and a built-in retractable 16 mm/ 5/8 in non-threaded baby pin.
The built-in levelling leg allows for easy set-up on uneven terrain and surfaces. Additionally the mobile column which is secured by 2 locking T-handles in the spider castings allows for lowering the column to give the user a 4th touch point for extra stability if needed. Captive T-Knob handles and captive collars means you don’t run the risk of losing handles even if they fully unscrew.

Recommended accessories: A9000N, D400, E200, 087WBK, D650, G200-1, E390, D400B, D240, D230, D220, C1575B, E600, D800KIT, D530L

$681.00 $758.00