Avenger A4041B Stand Boom 41 w Sandbag Alu 124/413cm 10kg Payload Boom 113cm/15kg 213cm/5kg


The Avenger A4041B Combi-Boom baby stand in black aluminum is the most rugged combi alu baby stand that Avenger makes! It has 4 sections, 3 risers, 1 levelling leg and a baby spigot (16 mm/ 5/8 in). When used as a traditional light stand it reaches a maximum height of 392 cm/154.3 inch and has a 10 kg/22 lb capacity. The combination built-in pivot clamp converts this stand easily into a boom! When the combi boom stand is in boom mode the min boom extension is 113 cm/44.5 in and has a capacity of 15 kg/33 lbs and when extended the max boom extension is 213 cm/83.9 in and the capacity is 5 kg/11 lb. Whether in traditional stand mode or in boom mode the included hooked sandbag is a useful addition to provide boom counterbalance or increase stand stability. Recommended Accessories: D250, E700, G200-1, C1575B, E600, E390, D200, D500, D800KIT, D230, D570.