Avenger A5033 Stand Roller 33 Folding Base 105/330cm 12kg Payload Weighs 6.3kg


The Avenger A5033 folding base roller baby stand with 4 sections and 3 risers, features a lower steel column and 3 risers in Aluminum. The max height is 330 cm/129.9 in and is capable of holding loads up to 12 kg/26.5 lbs. This rolling braked base stand is great for holding lights, grip heads and other grip accessories and is very popular for use in both studio settings and on location. The low folding wheel base allows you to get this stand under objects that are not very far off the ground and the low base easily nestles under c-stands too!
This stand has a folding wheel base and when the stand is retracted and the wheels are folded it is a compact 105 cm/41.3 in long. The 16 mm/ 5/8 in baby pin allows for easy connection to any fixture, grip head or baby receiver.

Recommended accessories: D600, G200-1, D200, D520, F830, F830TH, D570, D800KIT, C1575B, E600, D240, D100.