Avenger A625B Stand Light Midi Alu 66/238cm 4kg Payload Weighs 1kg


The Avenger A625B black aluminum Midi Kit stand is an extremely robust compact hybrid stand. The lightweight riveted base coupled with a heavy duty Avenger column make this stand ideal for rental kits that are in the field on a continuous basis. The midi stand has 4 sections, 3 risers and is capable of holding LED’s, LED panels, small HMI’s and strobes. The baby top pin is a non-threaded 16 mm/ 5/8 in pin and works with all baby receivers. It has a maximum height of 236 cm/93 in, can hold up to 4 kg/8.8 lbs and weighs in at 1 kg/2.2 lbs. The smallest of the Avenger kit stands, the Midi also folds down to a compact 69.3 cm/27.3 in! Recommended Accessories: G100-2, D200, E250, D250, AVCSA1301B, D230, 027, 014-14, 014-38, F830, F831TH.