Avenger A635B Stand Light Maxi Alu 107/385cm kg Payload Weighs 2.5kg


The Avenger A635B black aluminum Maxi Kit stand is the largest of the robust hybrid stands. The lightweight riveted base coupled with a heavy-duty Avenger column make this stand ideal for larger rental kits or the more heavy- duty user that is in the field on a continuous basis. The Maxi stand has 4 sections, 3 risers and is capable of holding LED’s, LED panels, small HMI’s and strobes. The baby top pin is a non-threaded 16 mm/ 5/8in pin and works with all baby receivers. It has a maximum height of 385 cm/151.6 in, can hold up to 9 kg/19.8 lbs. The largest of the Avenger kit stands, the Maxi also features a double column central locking system which is ideal for adding a 4th touch point on the ground. Add in captive locking knobs with brake shoe locking collars for the risers and this is one of the most robust stands to add to any kit! Recommended Accessories: G100-2, D200, E250, 110, 110G, D250, AVCSA1301B, D230, 027, 014-14, 014-38, F830, F831TH.