Avenger AV-I6208 Avenger Sunlite/White Oval Reflector 185 x 120 cm/73 x 48 in


The Avenger I6208 Sunlite/White Oval Reflector is currently the largest reflector in the Avenger portfolio. The reflector is dual sided and is a large 73×48 In/185×120 cm. Gold on one side allows you to warm up your image where the natural or artificial light might be too cold while white on the other side provides a nice enhancement to a dark area of the shoot you are working on. This oval reflector allows for a lot of flexibility in reflecting light on to your subject. Recommended Accessories: D705B, D700B, A625B, A630B, A635B, A0030B, A0035B, A0040B, A2030D, A2030DCB, G200-1, G100-2