Avenger AV-I915SUS Avenger Butterfly Textile Sunfire/Silver 244×244 cm/96×96”


The Avenger I915SUS Sunfire Silver Butterfly Textile is a double sided textile which has 1 seam, is silver on one side and sunfire (gold warm) on the other. This textile measures 96×96 in/244×244 cm.
The 8×8′ SUS textile allows you to achieve different effects simply by rotating the frame in the grip heads or on the stands that the frame is connected too. Silver produces a more rugged, higher contrast reflected light while the sunfire side produces a more golden looking effect.

Recommended Accessories: H600M, H800M, H2000M, H2508, H2512, H2010, H2012, A3058CS, A3043CS, D400, A1045CS