Avenger AV-I920K4 Avenger Butterfly Textile Silk 1/4 Stop 360x360cm/144x144in


The Avenger I920K4 Silk 1/4 Stop is a 360×360 cm/144×144 in butterfly textile. This silk(scrim) textile has 2 seams, produces 0.8 stops of light loss and is perfect for stage and set lighting effects whether it is being used inside or out. A textile label is sewn close to each corner which shows the textile dimension and type of fabric. High temperature resistance webbing lets you use this textile with all types of lights including HMI’s, LED’s and Fluorescent lighting. All Avenger butterfly textiles come with a clear bottom bag and an elastic hook kit (set of 16 elastic hooks (I910SET)). Recommended Accessories: A2030DKIT, A2030DCBKIT, A2033LKIT, A2033FKIT, A2033FCBKIT, D200, D200B, A3058CS, A3043CS, D400, A1045CS