Avenger B150-1 Stand Strato Safe TUV Crank-Up 190-610 cm 70kg Payload Weighs 76kg


The Avenger B150-1 Strato Safe Crank Up Stand is a beast of a stand with exceptional performance. This stand has a humorous industry nickname and it is used commonly by grips and gaffers worldwide. It is built in Chrome Steel and Gravity Cast aluminium, comprising of 4 Risers and 5 sections. This stand surpasses industry requirements for safe operation and is part of the Strato Safe family that can lift heavy loads up to 100 kg/220 lbs. Each section uses a uniquely designed gear box that uses a ratchet crank handle to safely raise each riser into place. The ratchet crank handle can conveniently be stored to the top casting of the stand and is always available when needed. Hard Rubber braked wheels are sold with this stand and allow for easy moving in studio and across many smooth to different textured surfaces. This stand comes with a 087WBK wind brace kit for extra securing of the load when required. Other Wheel options are available if needed. (B9000P). Avenger works hard to develop and certify gear for different markets! The B150P-1 along with being TÜV rated is also CE certified and has a CE declaration. Don’t settle for copies that try to emulate this TÜV and CE certified stand. Recommended Accessories: B9000P, 087WBK, C626, C624, C622, C590, G200-1, G300, 425B, D650.