Avenger B6026CS Stand Wind Up 26 Chrome 173/261cm 45kg Payload Weighs 19kg Leveling Leg


The Avenger B6026CS in chrome steel is a wind up stand capable of easily lifting and lowering loads of 45kg/99.2lbs with its 2 sections and 1 riser up to heights of 261 cm/102.8 in and as low as 173 cm/68.1 in. The built in combo head with a 28 mm/1 1/8 in receiver and 16 mm/ 5/8 in retractable baby spigot provides universal connectivity for lights, booms and modifiers. This wind up stand is able to easily lift and lower loads using a unique 4 cable system. One cable up, one cable down and 2 cables are used for additional safety to keep lighting loads secure and safe. The B6026CS has a built-in levelling leg which provides easy set up even when working on uneven terrain. Wheels come standard with this stand making it a dream to work with main lights and lights that are positioned on booms. The built-in column pedal makes it easy to make lighting adjustments and fine tune movements without having to fully lower the stand. Use this stand for Cine, photo and video shoots whether in-studio or on location. Recommended accessories: E200, D600, D650, 425B, G200-1.