Avenger B6029X Stand Wind Up Super 29 Chrome 156/290cm 80kg Payload Weighs 35kg Foam Fill Wheels


The Avenger B6029X Super Wind Up stand with wheels is built with a stainless-steel column, stainless-steel legs, chrome steel risers and geared column. The B6029X is constructed of 3 sections and 2 risers which extend simultaneously at 4.4 cm per handle turn. The top tube houses a junior socket which is 28 mm/1 1/8 in and also has a built in ring to add tie downs or wind brace kits.

An internal safety cable system ensures simultaneous retrieval of all sections. The B6029X also features a rapid and fine adjustment leveling leg and braked foam filled wheels (code 474) for easy rolling (with no memory) even on the most challenging terrain. It has a maximum payload of 80 kg/176.4 lbs and can raise up to 290 cm/114.2 in.
It also features 1 step on the column to make easy adjustments when loaded. The B6029X is an ideal stand for working on scaffolding when required as it has a very ergonomically size footprint of 130cm/51.2inches.

Recommended accessories: E200, D650, 425B, G200-1, 087WBK, C590, C626, C624, C622, 163-10, 620-10”.