Avenger B9000 Wheels for Strato Safe HARD 70kg Payload Weighs 10kg Braked


The B9000 is a set of three hard rubber braked wheels complete with mounts for the Avenger Strato Safe family. The wheels are designed for studio or smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. The double brake mechanism locks the wheel and pivot simultaneously. Capable of loads up to 70 kg/154.3 lbs, the 160 mm/6.3 inch wheels work flawlessly when used on set. NOTE: Not designed to work on Long John Silver (LJS) Stands. Recommended Accessories: B150-1, B150P-1, B7043CS-1, B7043CS-1, 087WBK, F100, C150, C500, C100, C4461-1, C4485, C822, C820, C888UH.