Avenger B9000P Wheels Strato Safe PNEUMATIC Braked


The B9000P is a set of three rubber filled braked wheels complete with mounts for the Avenger Strato Safe family.
The threaded wheels are designed for studio, location and all kinds of different terrain. The double brake mechanism locks the wheel and the pivot independently. The pivoting mechanism has 12 locking positions. Capable of loads up to 70 kg/154.3 lbs, these rubber filled wheels are designed not to puncture. NOTE: Not designed to work on Long John Silver (LJS) Stands. Recommended Accessories: B150-1, B150P-1, B7043CS-1, B7043CS-1, 087WBK, F100, C150, C500, C100, C4461-1, C4485, C822, C820, C888UH