Avenger C1575 Clamp Super Dual Locking Jaws 13-55mm 15kg payload Chrome


The Avenger C1575 Super Clamp in silver finish is the most versatile piece of light grip gear! Ever!! Used widely in the Cine, broadcast, entertainment, video and photo applications.

The clamps capacity is up to 15kg/33lbs. It has a hex 16mm/ 5/8inch receiver capable of taking hex and round baby accessories and adapters. The jaws of the Super Clamp™ are designed for diameters Ø 13-55 mm/0.51-2.16 inches. Friction arms, Magic arms, Articulated arms and a number of hexagonal studs and pins can be used with this clamp to rig just about anything. The metal T-Knob allows for extra solidity and torque power. This clamp includes the 035WDG (wedge) for extra clamping surface when gripping to flat surfaces. Every grip, gaffer, rigger, videographer, content creator and photographer has used a Super Clamp at least once!

Invented by Lino Manfrotto and Bottochio, this clamp is on display at the famous MOMA of NYC.

Recommended Accessories: D244N, E600, E600C, F820TH, 143A, 244, 061, 061RA, 032, 032B.