Avenger C500 Grip Gaffer Pelican style 10Kg Payload 15-80mm Wide 16 & 17mm Studs


The Avenger C500 Pelican Gaffer Grip is one of the most robust clamps you will use on location, on set or in studio! Made in Gravity Cast aluminium this clamp has a clamping range from 15 to 80 mm/0.59 to 3.14 inch and can support up to 10 kg/22 lb. The clamp has 2- 16 mm/ 5/8 In spigots with one of the spigots that is removable converting it to a receiver. The clamp is 371 mm/14.6 in long and is 80 mm/3.14 in wide. Recommended Accessories: C155, D200, D200B, A0025B, A0035B, E390, 014-14, 014-38, D244N.