Avenger C822 Hanger Long Telescopic with stirrup 210-379 cm 6.8kg weight


The Avenger C822 telescopic hanger with stirrup is an extra long 2 section hanger, with a single riser extension. This telescopic hanger has a minimum length of 210 cm/82.7 in and can extend as along as 379 cm/149.2 in and will hold capacities up to 40 kg/88 lb. The stirrup attachment on the end of this hanger is Ø 40 mm/1.6 in The grid clamp used to attach to pipes, truss or grids is also used to control the extension of the first section of the hanger. The clamping range is 25 to 55 mm/1 to 2.16 in. A safety cable with locking pin is included to add extra security for the extension. Recommended Accessories: C155, C1575B, C210, C150, C100, C338, C339UH, C461-1, C465-1, C345-1, C345K-1.