Avenger D600CB Boom Arm Mini Chrome Black 117-212cm 7kg load 5/8 Receiver 5/8 Pin


The Avenger D600CB Mini Boom in chrome steel black is an extremely flexible tool that allows you to extend or boom over and around your subject. It has a built-in 2 .5 in/6.35 cm grip head that uses a brake pad to provide controlled movements up or down, superior locking power and easy mounting to any type of baby stand. The welded 16 mm/ 5/8 in baby spigot or stud provides a secure mount for any fixture built with a 5/8 in/16 mm receiver. The black chrome paint is adhered to the boom in a process called cataphoresis which is more durable than powder coating. Avenger’s black chrome paint is the best in the business! Attach a sandbag to the backend hook to provide the ultimate counter-balance and stability to your lights or what ever you are mounting on the spigot. Designed for Cine, Video and Photo applications whether on set or on location. The D600CB has a minimum extension of 117 cm/46.6 in and a maximum extension of 212 cm/83.5 in. The max load at minimum extension is 30 kg/66.1 lbs while the max load when fully extended is 7 kg/15.4 lbs. Use the D600CB with C-Stands (A2030DCB, A2033FCB, A2033LCB), rolling stands (A5029, A5036CS), combo stands (A1035B, A1035CS) and windup stands (B6030CS, B6026CS). Recommended Accessories: G200-1, G100-1, E200 if using the boom on a Combo or Wind-up Stand.