Avenger D800KIT Kit Grip Head & Arm for Scrims incl D200B Grip E600 16m Pin D520B 40″ Arm C1575B Clamp


The Avenger D800KIT Grip Kit is a set of 4 grip tools that can be used all together, individually or in combination with stands to support scrims, flags, light shaping tools and lighting fixtures. The Grip Kit consists of the C1575B Super Clamp, D200B Grip Head, D520B Grip Arm and E600 snap-in baby pin. The C1575B Super Clamp can be clamped on to stands and AutoPoles, connects to the E600 Hex snap-in pin which can be inserted into the D200B and then you can add the D520 Grip Arm to position scrims, flags, floppies and other light shaping tools as needed. Total flexibility and control using 4 great tools! Recommended Accessories: A0025B, A0030CS, A0045B, 032B, 432-3.7B, A2030DCB, A2033FCB, A5033, A5029.