Avenger E200 Adaptor for Stand 1 1/8 to 5/8 or 28mm to 16mm attach lights and accessories


The Avenger E200 stand adapter (converts a Junior Female 28 mm/ 1 1/8 inch Receiver to a 16 mm/ 5/8 inch baby male spigot/stud). This versatile adapter is ideal for use on any light stand, clamp or roller stand that has a universal head or combo mount. The small hole on the junior side of the adapter allows for safety pins to be engaged when needed for additional safety especially when suspending fixtures from clamps like the C150. The E200 works well with: Combo Stands (A1020B, A1020CS, A4050CS, A5036CS, B6030CS, B6039CS, B6029X, B6040X, B6040XK), Roller Bases (297BBASE, 299BBASE), C-Stands (A2030D, A2030DCB, A2030DKIT, A2030DCBKIT), Clamps C150, C100, C345-1, C345K-1.