Avenger H2012 Frame Overhead Fold Away 12×12 3.6 x 3.6m FRAME ONLY


The Avenger H2012 Fold Away Frame is a great compact overhead butterfly frame complete with mounting ears which is 12×12 ft/366×366 cm in size!

This Cardellini designed frame incorporates a very unique fold-down and bring up feature. Need to move the frame quickly from set to set? No worries, just remove the 2 frame ears fold down the frame and carry the frame with the textile still fitted to the frame! Bring the frame back up attach the ears and connect to a Mombo Combo overhead stand (A3058CS) and you are quickly ready for your next set.

Foldaway frames can easily transport from studio to studio or location to location. Transport Dimensions: 374x15x3 cm/147.2×5.9×1.2 in.

Recommended Accessories: A3065CS, A3056CS, A3058CS, A3059CS, A3043CS, D400, A1045CS, C626, G200-1, 087WBK.