Avenger H2512 Frame Fold Away 12×12′ 366x366cm FRAME ONLY


The H2512 Fold Away Frame Compact is a more compact overhead butterfly frame than the Avenger Fold Away Frame! Complete with mounting ears, the frame when setup is 12×12 ft/366×366 cm in size! This Cardellini designed foldaway compact frame incorporates a very unique fold-down and bring up feature. Need to move the frame quickly from set to set? No worries, remove the textile, remove the 2 frame ears and disengage the sliding locking connector fold down the frame and carry the frame to the next set. Bring the frame back up attach the ears, engage the sliding lock connector, connect to a Mombo Combo overhead stand (A3058CS) and attach your textile or fabric and you are quickly ready for your next set. Compact Foldaway frames can easily transport from studio to studio or location to location. Recommended Accessories: A3065CS, A3056CS, A3058CS, A3059CS, A3043CS, D400, A1045CS, C626, G200-1, 087WBK, H2008.