Benro Bracket for Binoculars


Made of lightweight and strong aluminium and treated with a scratch-resistant anodized finish, the Benro Arca-Swiss Style Binocular Bracket enables you to easily mount your binoculars outfitted with a 1/4″-20 threaded socket onto a photo/video/field tripod for hands-free use. Mounting your binoculars, especially high-powered sets or those with large objective lenses, onto a tripod or monopod helps to steady the view, reduce vibrations, and eliminate arm fatigue.

The base of the adapter is designed to fit directly onto Arca-Swiss-style photo/video quick release heads, which eliminates the need for additional QR plates. If you aren’t planning on using a head, or your head is not an Arca-Swiss-style, the base also has both 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 female threads that make it compatible with just about any quick release plate, head, photo/video/field tripod, monopod, or window mount available today.


The vertical upright on the adapter is triangular with a taper toward the top which helps it fit between the binoculars’ optical tubes and giving you access to the minimum interpupillary adjustment even on larger-objective models. The wider base provides the strength and stability you need for heavier field binoculars. The upright also has two female 1/4″-20 threaded holes that you can use to keep the binoculars’ mount hole cover safe or if objective caps are tethered to the mount cover you can still use them by installing them into one of the adapter’s holes.

Arca-Swiss style base plate – Can be mounted to Arca-Swiss style heads.
Universal mounting threads – ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16 thread included on the base plate.
All metal construction – Aluminium construction
Cap Storage – There are two ¼”-20 threaded holes on the stem of the bracket which can be used to store protective caps from your binoculars.
5 Year Warranty – 5 Years with online registration.

Product Length (cm) : 5.4
Product Width (cm) : 3.9
Product Height (cm) : 10.7
Product Weight (kg) : 0.05

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