Chimera POP bank Softbox for Creamsource Micro


[POP] banks attach directly to your fixture and do not require a Speed Ring or mounting frame. They are lightweight, collapsible and handcrafted in Colorado to Chimera’s superior quality standards using field tested proprietary fabrics.

Takes Chimera 3404 grids.

Our [POP] bank increases the aperture of the Creamsource Micro to 16” x 22” (406 mm x 559 mm) more than 4x. The POP bank (p/n 1619) is sold as a kit, with internal baffle, Full and Half Chimera Cloth front screens and is packed in a messenger style bag, all weighing less than 2 lbs (0.9 kg).

• Standard XS front screen
• Includes Full & Half Chimera Cloth front screens
• Works best with ezPOP Soft Egg Crates