Cotton Carrier CCS Arca Swiss L-Bracket

Cotton Carrier

  • Arca Swiss compatible.
  • Due to universal fitting, our L-Bracket will block the ports on most cameras. 
  • Fits any camera – mirrorless to DSLR. 
  • Allows seamless transfer to any Cotton Carrier System. 
  • L-bracket is made up of 2 detachable baseplates.
  • Once two parts are assembled it becomes fully functioning L-Bracket.


The Cotton Carrier L bracket, provides the adjustable ability to fit most cameras and to solve a wide scope of carrying situations. From the simple function of L bracket use to more complex use of third party tripod plates, gimbal heads and strobe arrangements. Machined of high grade 60/40 anodized aluminum with 14 – 1/4 by 20 threaded holes and generous attachment slots with the ability to reverse the configuration for a more precise fit for different camera body styles and applications. Our NEW L bracket will bring a high quality functional addition to your work flow.

Cotton Carrier Hub not included must be purchased separately – find our CCS – Hub here


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