Cotton Carrier G3 Camera Harness 2 Charcoal Grey 147GREY

Cotton Carrier

  • Supports 2 DSLRs with Attached Lenses
  • Wanderer Side Holster
  • Distributes Weight to Reduce Fatigue
  • One Size Fits All, Storage Pockets
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Waist Belt
  • Twist & Lock Camera Mount System


  • Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Harness-2 (Gray)
  • Camera Harness for One Camera
  • Wanderer Side Holster
  • Rain Cover
  • 2 x Aluminum Camera Hub with Rubber Washer
  • 2 x Camera Hub Mounting Bolt
  • 2 x Camera Tether Strap
  • Allen Key
  • 2 x Tether Split-Ring


CCS G3 Camera Harness System for two cameras – Charcoal Grey. This system for two cameras is designed for the active photographer. The harness and side holster supports and secures 2 cameras and lenses. Work for longer periods of time without needing to go back to a camera bag for more gear. The ergonomic design of this two camera harness distributes the weight of the cameras helping to lessen the fatigue of a long shooting day.

The Harness System is the ultimate in weight distribution, comfort and stability. We do not have a weight max that camera gear can reach. For max stability and comfort recommend your largest setup on the chest receiver and the secondary camera on side holster.

This system keeps your hands free, your equipment safe, and your body mobile. Ready to shoot. Right now!


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