Dynacore DDBC-TF Charger Sony NP-F-type for 2 batteries


Dual Digital Battery Charger for SONY L series DV camcorder batteries.

This unit gives you an LCD readout of current charge estate of each battery channel.

Specification:  Input  AC 90V~240V/47Hz,DC 12-24V/3A(MAX)

Charger Output  Output Charging:16.8V USB Output:5A 2A  Output Charging Current  L:1.0Ax1  0.5Ax2  /  H:1.5Ax1  0.8Ax2  Applicable  Dynacore DV-2S/4S/6S/6BS/8S SONY NP-F550/770/970

Dimension  122x110x34(mm)  Weight  0.40Kg