Dynacore DF-4S Charger Fast V-Lock Lay-Down for 4 batteries


DF-4S can charge 4 x 14.4 Volt V-Lock  batteries simultaneously at Max 5A fast charging current. The charging speed is approximately half of a standard charger.
Battery Model D-155MA D-200MA D-310MA DS-260A DN-170A DN-310A
Capacity 155Wh/10.5Ah 200Wh/14Ah  310Wh/21Ah  260Wh/17.4Ah  170Wh/11.6Ah  310Wh/21Ah
D-4A Charging Time 4h12m 5h36m 8h24m 6h57m 4h38m 8h24m
DF-4A Charging Time  2h6m 2h48m 4h12m 3h28m 2h19m 4h12m