Exalux Control One CRMX Controller Starter Kit


Exalux Control One offers up to 5 DMX applications in a single and compact box that can be powered with an external power supply (10-24VDC), a V-lock battery (14,4VDC) or a PowerBank (5VDC).

Control One includes the Fixture app which allows you to control up to 40 various fixtures in a simple and intuitive way. Control One also includes the TX app that allows to use the device as a CRMX transmitter.

Control One works perfectly with the Exalux Connect CRMX family such as RX100 and RX100s wireless receivers. Control One also works perfectly with other CRMX devices available on the market.

Exalux Control One is your ideal companion to control your DMX devices on cinema sets. It is also perfect for small TV studio setups.

Kit includes several accessories.