Fxlion Mega Battery 48V 620Wh


Using high power li-ion cells for electric vehicles, which has super-high discharging current. Its low-temperature
performance is much better than that of ordinary li-ion batteries. 60% capacity available in the low temperature
environment of -30°C, which is much more higher than that of ordinary li-ion batteries. The battery output current
is up to 40A(Max.), which can provide portable ultra-high power for high-power film equipment. With high-power
protection chip, it has overcharge /over-discharge/over-heat/over-current protection. No memory effect. Working
temperature: – 30 ° C ~ +55 ° C. Extra thick rubber sheath, more suitable for shooting on-site. All Outputs can
be used simultaneously.


Capacity: 620Wh / 24Ah

DC Input: PL-7115 Charger (29.4VDC/5A)

DC Outputs:
CH1 48V / 10A (max.)
CH2: 28V / 40A (max.)
CH3: 15V / 8A (max.)

48V Output: 3-Pin XLR-F socket
28V Output: 3-Pin XLR-F socket
15V Output: 4-Pin XLR-F socket



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