Inovativ Apollo 40 Motorized Base


The Motorized Upgrade for Apollo allows an existing Apollo Workstation Cart to become its motorized counterpart via tool-less installation of the Motorized Wheel System. This upgrade does not require a trade-in, enabling users to retain options for both a non-motorized or motorized Apollo Workstation Cart.

This kit includes a Bottom Shelf for Apollo equipped with a fully integrated Motorized Wheel System, Power Distribution Plate, and Bottom Locking Drawer, plus a Throttle Handle Assembly and Hydraulic Brake System. To install, simply transfer your existing upright posts and the Top Shelf to the Motorized Upgrade.

The handle throttle assembly powers forward and reverse movement of the dual 10 in. rear wheels, for up to 15 hours or 40 miles of full throttle use. The power supply is integrated into the bottom shelf drawer and provides additional power distribution when charging to USB-A, USB-C and US Type B outlets.

Take full control of the Motorized Apollo Workstation with the Hydraulic Brake System – ideal for maneuvering up or down ramps or hills with precision. This system is lever-actuated from the handle and applies control to the rear wheels for maximum braking power. The Motorized Apollo continues to meet tough demands with flat proof tires, and corrosion resistant stainless steel and aluminum construction throughout.

View Safety and Risk information here.

*This purchase does not require a trade-in


1,200 lb. Payload Capacity
Forward and Reverse Throttle
Dual 10 in. Motorized Wheels
Hydraulic Disc Brake System
Flat-Proof Tires
Weather-Resistant Connectors
Rechargeable Battery
Power Distribution Plate features in-line charging and additional power distribution
Hinged X-Top Shelf with Integrated 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 Threaded Rail Plates
Constructed of corrosion resistant 6061 T6 aluminum and stainless steel hardware throughout

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