Inovativ Digi Platform – Includes V-drop And 2 Convi Clamps


The Digi Platform Kit is a versatile platform featuring our patented vDrop System, designed to securely connect to any post with a 2-inch diameter such as an AXIS Stand, C-Stand, or rolling stand. It offers a convenient elevated platform that enables professionals to work comfortably and access their DigiCase with ease.

The vDrop System enables effortless height adjustment and quick attachment/detachment from a stand, all without the need for tools. With dimensions of 22.50 in. W x 13.25 in. D, it offers ample space to secure popular flight-ready cases such as the Pelican 1535 Air Case.

The Digi Platform can be easily transformed into a Case Platform by reconfiguring its assembly. Both platforms utilize the same components but are assembled differently to suit their respective configurations. By removing the vDrop System, rotating, and reconnecting, you can convert your Case Platform into a Digi Platform, or vice versa. The main distinction between the two lies in their top surface design: the Case Platform lacks edges, while the Digi Platform features edges on all four sides, providing a surrounding boundary for items placed on the surface. It’s important to note that the Digi Platform is specifically designed to accommodate Pelican 1535 Air Case-sized cases, and anything larger than 22.25 in. x 13.25in. will not fit.

Looking for extra storage? The Combo Locking Drawer for the Digi Platform provides 960 cu. in. of storage space. The drawer features self-closing drawer slides, has a three-digit combo lock to keep your gear safe, and is lined with our black outdoor marine carpet.

For a convenient solution to secure your case to the top of the Digi Platform, our steel Tie-Down Anchors are available. These anchors can be securely mounted to the Case Platform, offering four tie-down points compatible with various types of straps.


4-Sided Platform
Patented Tool-Free Design
Payload Capacity of up to 72.5 lbs.
Durable 6061 T6 Aluminum Construction
Connects to any round tube up to 2.5 in. in Diameter
Connects to any square tube up to 1.25 in. in Diameter

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