Lee Filters Colour Effects Studio Pack – 10″x12″ Gel Kit


  • 12 filters 250mm x 300mm (10″x12″) each
  • Selection of strong and vibrant colours (list below)
  • 2 x sheets of each colour


Lee Colour Magic Kit Colour Effects

Essential Toolkits for Lighting Control. Everything you need to control common lighting conditions. Each pack contains a select assortment of 250mm x 300mm (10″x12″) pre-cut sheets of LEE lighting filter. A rugged vinyl pouch is ideal for portable storage. It’s a selection of saturated effect colours for use on backgrounds and for accent lights. In addition to general effects the three primary colors (red, green and blue) can be used for colour mixing.


Contans 2 of each filter

181 – Congo Blue

119 – Dark Blue

139 – Primary Green

010 – Medium Yellow

106 – Primary Red

790 – Moroccan Pink

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