Lee Filters Daylight to Tungsten Studio Pack – 10″x12″ Gel Kit


  • 12 filters 250mm x 300mm (10″x12″) each
  • Selection of colour temperature orange (CTO) (list below)
  • 2 x sheets of each colour


Lee Colour Magic Kit Daylight to Tungsten Studio Pack

A selection of CT Orange filters for converting Daylight to Tungsten. This pack also includes a combination filter – 208 Full CT Orange + 0.6 Neutral Density for warming and additional light reduction.

Everything you need to control common lighting conditions. Each pack contains a select assortment of 250mm x 300mm (10″x12″) pre-cut sheets of LEE lighting filter.


Contains 2 of each filter

204 – Full CT Orange

285 – Three Quarter CT Orange

205 – Half CT Orange

206 – Quarter CT Orange

223 – Eighth CT Orange

208 – Full CT Orange + .6ND

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