Magic Mist SMM-20H Smoke Fluid Heavy 20 Litre

Magic Mist

Make your smoke fluid 20 litres thicker and last longer. A high-grade medium density smoke fluid for use in all Smoke Machines. You can also add some scent if you like 1 small bottle of scent would do the job. This product is 100% Australian made by AVE in Melbourne at their Dandenong plant. All materials and packaging are made in Australia and certified to Australian standards made by AVE. This smoke fluid is used by many large production companies and even used by Australian Fire Brigades for training new recruits. Its non toxic. The fluid also cleans your smoke machine heating heads. Compatible with all smoke machines. AVE has taken many years of research to achieve maximum smoke and to Vaperiza the smoke at the perfect combination mixture of glycols. AVE also has done an extensive research on the time smoke stays in the air and pretty much come to be one of the best in the world in performance.

A number of Hire companies in Australia use Magic Heavy smoke fluid 20. Not to mention you can buy a small tap to screw into the 20 liter smoke fluid container and pour smoke fluid directly into your smoke machine without having to lift a smoke fluid 20 litre weights 22 KG breaking your back. Using certified materials and comes with a material safety data for piece of mind sheet downloadable from this website. Buying a 20 is ideal for the DJ that wants performance and easily refuel smoke machine and not having to run around in the last minute on a Saturday morning in a panic. Your time would be better spent planning the tunes you’ll be playing that night and focusing on creating a light show that would give you the unfair advantage of surprising your guests.