Manfrotto LL LB5706 Urban Collapsible 1.5×2.1m Classic Red/Distressd White Brick


The Urban Collapsible 1.5×2.1m Classic Red/Distressed White Brick is part of the hugely successful range of backgrounds in the Collapsible category, favoured by image makers the world over for adding variety and an alternative outdoor look to their shoots when working in a studio or the client’s location.

It features a characteristic brickwith gritty red and brown tones set off by a dramatic vignette, the reverse surface is a contrasting lighter rustic brick effect with a weathered painted white design featuring hints of red showing through to offer a brighter but worn result.

Great for shooting video interviews, portraits, fashion and product. This versatile reversible photography background provides a fashionable edgy look that adds a powerful and dramatic style to the chosen subject. This 2in1 background feature a reversible design and a collapsible pop up construction which allows it to fold down to a third of its original size, providing today’s creative image maker with a truly portable solution.